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Environmental Rights Amendment

In NYS we have many constitutional rights, including the right to play bingo; yet New Yorkers have no guaranteed right to “clean air and water, and  a healthful environment”. The amendment was first introduced to the NYS Legislature by Senator Carlucci of the 38th congressional district in 2017. The amendment passed the legislature in two consecutive legislative sessions, as required by the NYS constitution, and now heads to the New York public for a referendum. The amendment will be on the ballot of the 2021 general election held on November 2nd, and we encourage voters to support it.


If this amendment were added to the NYS constitution, it would provide a constitutional mandate for environmental protections. This means that the state legislature would be constitutionally required to consider the environmental implications of every bill.  Additionally, it would provide standing for court cases claiming a violation of NYS residents‘ rights to a healthful environment. 


The concept is simple; its implications are vast. Everyone deserves to live in a vibrant environment and our

constitution ought to reflect that. 

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