Our Policy Platform

Climate change is a generational justice issue. If New York fails to address the climate crisis quickly, comprehensively, and equitably, our generation and future generations to come will suffer the consequences. For this reason, we demand that our state accelerate its response to climate change. To this end, we demand the following:

Teachers' Divestment

The New York State Teachers’ Retirement System (NYSTRS) end their financial support of the fossil fuel industry by divesting all assets from companies involved with fossil fuel production.

No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the Public Service Commission halt the expansion and permitting of all fossil fuel infrastructure within New York State.

Tax the 1%

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature end their repeated reliance on austerity and instead raise taxes on the top 1% of New York earners to not only support programs that millions of New Yorkers depend on including education and public housing, but also fund the ambitious targets of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. These include the expansion of renewable energy infrastructure such as solar panels and wind turbines, retrofitting old buildings to be energy efficient and expanding public transportation, especially in Upstate New York.

End Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The immediate end of our state subsidizing the fossil fuel industry including but not limited to the passage of S2649B/A257B which would require Governor Andrew Cuomo to publicly identify all of New York State’s fossil fuel tax expenditures and end them within three years.  

The Green Amendment

The passage and ratification of the Green Amendment to the New York State Constitution which would guarantee every New Yorker the “right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment."

New York Health Act

The passage of the New York Health Act which would establish a single-payer healthcare sys tem in our state, providing each and every New Yorker with quality, reliable and equitable healthcare so that no New Yorker is un- or underinsured.

Budget Transparency

Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature increase the transparency of the state's budgetary process to the public, including but not limiting to the passage and ratification of the Budget Equity Act, which would put the state legislature on equal footing with the Governor in the creation of the annual budget.​​

Climate and Community Investment Act

The passage of the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) which would penalize big polluters for their role in causing the climate crisis by making them compensate our state. Revenues raised from this bill will ensure a rapid and just transition off of fossil fuels.

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