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Lobby with NY²CL


NY²CL is continuing our campaign for economic and environmental justice in 2024! 


Join us as we lobby key politicians from across the state to discuss and demand comprehensive climate legislation. After so long watching our Earth suffer from climate change, our time is now to demand economic and environmental justice for all.


This legislative session is critical, and New York needs to confront the climate crisis head on – we must stop funding

the fossil fuel industry and work to transition our energy grid to renewables.

Lobbying and policy trainings will be held for all participants prior to the lobby day. Look out for more information and details on our policy priorities for 2024, which will be announced soon!


(Note: lobby meetings will be held over Zoom and individual lobby schedules can be adjusted to avoid conflicts). 

Supporting Organizations

Is your organization interested in being more involved in our lobbying efforts? Become a supporting organization!

Supporting organizations will help promote the lobby day and drive their membership to attend lobby meetings. These groups will be listed on the registration form, on social media, and in press materials. 


If your organization is interested in joining our campaign, please reach out to us at

We'd love to have you on our team!

Register to Lobby With Us:

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