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New York Youth Climate Leaders'
Youth Lobbying Toolkit

Welcome to the New York Youth Climate Leaders (NY2CL) Youth Lobbying Toolkit! We are so glad that you’re here. This kit is intended to provide an overview of specific functions of both state and local government in the state of New York, as well as how to push our government through the process of lobbying.


We made this toolkit because all young people deserve to have a say in the shape of their future, and lobbying allows us to do that. It gives young people a legitimate connection to their representatives, and produces conversations that highlight individual stories, rather than the general demands (which are also incredibly important) that are typically highlighted in strikes and rallies.

As a youth organization, we see this toolkit as a door opener for youth to get involved in shaping the future of the world through policy. While getting in politics seems daunting, we hope that this toolkit is here to explain and provide resources for anyone interested in getting involved in state level politics. 


You have power as a young person -- seize that while you still have it!

Click the button below to view the lobbying toolkit:

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