Healing the Present, Protecting the Future: New York Youth Climate Leaders Lobby Drive

Thank you for joining us for our Earth Week Lobby Day on April 23rd! We are so grateful for the hard work of all our lobbyists - especially given that many are having a rough time right now. If you felt energized by our lobbying, or if you couldn't make it to the lobby day, we invite you to join us for our final lobbying push over the course of May before the legislative session ends.

We are asking for volunteers who would be able to join in on lobby meetings throughout May as we schedule them with the legislators that we missed during our lobby day. Essentially, this is a more flexible version of our lobby day, with meetings spread out over the month that anyone can join in on based on their availability.

Register to participate in our May Lobby Drive below, and sign up for our email list here to stay updated on

future initiatives, events, and lobby days!