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Are you interested in youth climate organizing? Do you want to learn more about environmental policy and lobbying in New York State? We’d love to have you on our team! 

We’re currently accepting applications for Policy Directors, Outreach Director, and Finance Director - you can read details on the positions and apply below.


These are unpaid volunteer positions, youth at all levels of experience are encouraged to apply!

(This page is a hub for all open leadership team positions, if you're just looking to join NY²CL,

you can find our member registration form here!)

Policy Director

The NY²CL Policy Directors will lead lobby and policy trainings, as well as work to maintain and update our training curriculums as needed. They will organize, facilitate and execute lobby drives, including selecting the bills to be lobbied for and legislative targets. 


The Policy Directors will work with the Communications Director to plan the content of educational initiatives on social media, and at least one of the Directors is expected to attend communications team calls. 


They will also maintain connections with policy coalitions that NY²CL is a part of and attend calls for those coalitions (or coordinate with the policy team to ensure that a NY²CL representative is present on those calls). 


The Policy Directors will lead weekly policy team calls and be expected to attend weekly leadership calls and monthly organization-wide calls.

This application is due July 8th.

Outreach Director

The NY2CL Outreach Director will be responsible for maintaining relationships and forming new connections with other organizations, doing outreach to schedule and organize lobby trainings, and outreaching to other groups and existing membership to recruit lobby drive participants. 


The Outreach Director is expected to attend weekly policy, communications, and leadership team calls. 


This application is due July 1st.

Please note that this is a new position that is still being developed, so the position will evolve with you and some specific responsibilities may change over time. 

Finance Director

The Finance Director will monitor the NY2CL finances, communicate with other leadership members to determine our expenses, and work to find and apply for grants or outreach for donations as needed. They will also ensure that the organization is in line with our IRS and legal requirements, fill out required legal and financial documents. In addition, they will collaborate and maintain connections with our adult finance and legal mentors. 


The Finance Director will be expected to attend weekly leadership calls and monthly organization-wide calls, and stay in contact with other leadership team members via our Slack workspace. 

This application is due July 8th.

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