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We’d love to have you on our team! We’re currently accepting applications for Policy Fellows, you can apply below.

Policy Fellowships

Fossil Fuel Subsidies Fellow

This fellow will be expected to: 

  • Take notes on fossil fuel subsidies coalition calls, every other Monday at 1 PM.

  • Help out with day-to-day subsidies coalition tasks.

  • Write one op-ed and two LTEs about the campaign.

  • Put together and edit information for our website about the subsidies campaign.

  • Put together one educational social media post about the topic in collaboration with Sophie, our Director of Social Media.

  • Brainstorm and organize an event likely to catch media attention.

Lobby Day Fellow

This fellow will be expected to: 

  • Create the lobby day registration form.

  • Spearhead efforts to recruit lobbyists.

  • Assign participants to lobby groups and elected officials to lobby leads.

  • Coordinate with lobby leads (i.e. following up to make sure meetings are getting scheduled.)

  • Review lobby minutes, follow up to ensure we have enough information, and help put together & implement a lobbying strategy post lobby day.

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